Readers’ letters - November 20

Jeremy Corbyn will lead Labour to defeat says a reader. See letter
Jeremy Corbyn will lead Labour to defeat says a reader. See letter
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Let’s all unite for peace

We stand united in condemning the mindless violent terror attacks committed in Paris.

This is an attack on the basic shared values of humanity: Liberté (liberty), égalité (equality), and fraternité (fraternity).

We stand with the people of Paris and share their pain and mourn their loss.

Such violence shatters our hopes and aspirations for a better humanity.

By choosing to attack vulnerable people going about their normal lives, the perpetrators have committed a crime against the fundamental values of a free society.

We pray for courage, resolve, and peace at this darkest of hours.

We call upon people of all faiths to come together in solidarity to stand against 
such forms of mindless terrorism and violence.

Da’esh(Isis/Isil/IS) frames this conflict as a clash between Christianity and Islam.

This divisive rhetoric will fuel further divisions and mistrust between communities which will in turn fuel further polarisation, prejudice and radicalisation. Using the name of God to wreak havoc and violence is blasphemy.

Christians and Muslims need to unite and stand together. We would like to encourage communities in Lancashire to pray and work for peace, to understand our common ground/differences and challenge the growth of hate. May God grant us strength and courage to be spread peace.

Rev Dr Anderson Jeremiah and Mohammed Ali Amla

Founders of Christian Muslim Encounters

MPs, save us from defeat

For 40 years, I have worked alongside some of the poorest communities in England.

They need hope.

That includes the hope of a Labour government.

Under Corbyn there is no such hope.

Corbyn is nothing more than a backbench rebel rouser.

He is out of his depth.

Only Labour MPs can save us from certain defeat at the next general election.

The Labour MPs need to act swiftly before Corbyn’s hard left allies succeed in taking the great Labour Party forever.

In the 1980s the hard left were destroyed.

With the SNP and the out of touch leader of my trade union– McCluskey – the extreme left think they have 
a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The hard left is the greatest threat to the poor, hard working class, and middle class, than any other movement in this country.

Labour MPs, please act 
ASAP to save our party and country.

P.S. As an MP who has voted against his own party 500 times, Corbyn deserves no loyalty or time.

Graham Nelson,

Address supplied

Sling your litter in bin

How hard is it to put your litter in a bin, or take it home and dispense of it in a proper manner?

The days of sling it anywhere as long as it doesn’t incon-venience you are long 

Plastic bags, fag ends, cans are all discarded wherever you look.

Disposing of your litter is your responsibility, take heed or suffer the consequences of a fine.

The councils go to great lengths to place bins for the public’s convenience, so do the right thing and use them, then we can all live in a green and pleasant land.

EB Warris

Address supplied