Readers’ letters - November 24

Politician Jeremy Hunt says new contracts will give junior doctors a nine per cent pay rise ' yet they have voted to go on strike. See letter
Politician Jeremy Hunt says new contracts will give junior doctors a nine per cent pay rise ' yet they have voted to go on strike. See letter

Scrap cuts completely

The spending review needs to focus on a bigger economy, not a smaller state.

It’s a chance to set out a clear vision, backed by a proper investment plan, to make the UK a global leader with the best infrastructure and the best jobs.

It’s depressing to see how far behind other countries we are for high-skilled jobs, genuinely affordable homes for all, fast and cheap trains and universal childcare.

If they can do better, so can we.

But we have to invest like they do.

The Chancellor’s intention is to amend proposals for tax credit cuts.

The TUC warns that the only acceptable option is to scrap the cuts altogether.

‘Transitional protection’ would only help people who get tax credits now, and would do nothing for those entering low-paid jobs after April.

Shifting the cuts to housing benefit instead would not spare working families as the number of working households that get housing benefit has doubled to over a million since 2009.

These working households rely on housing benefit to pay soaring rents.

The government’s plans to cut tax credits show just how wrong their thinking is.

We need to reward work, and that means guaranteeing working families decent incomes through better jobs and vital in-work benefits.

Derek Barton via email

Please use term ‘Da’esh’

For the last 12 months I have been actively encouraging communities and professionals to use the term Da’esh instead of Islamic State, Isis or isil.

Why you may ask?

Da’esh is the acronym of the group’s Arabic name, al-Dawla al-Islamyia fil Iraq wa’al Sham.

My reasons are many.

n I believe that the use of Da’esh delegitimises them and gives them less credibility.

n Removing the usage of “Islamic” in referring to them will slow the rise in Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crimes we are currently observing.

n Da’esh sounds similar to the Arabic word daess, which means to sow discord.

This is exactly what they are currently doing!

I would like to encourage you to begin to use Da’esh, please go one step further and email your MP and ask them to lobby the prime minister to begin to use the term Da’esh.

Please mention #MuslimsAgainstDaesh

The easiest way to contact your MP is via


Founder of Muslims Against Daesh

P.s This is a Muslim led campaign which encourages people of all faiths and none to get involved.

Doctors and a ‘good deal’

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister, claims that the new contracts for junior doctors will give them a pay increase of nine per cent and also reduce their hours of work.

Why then would such a body of responsible people, noted for their dedication to their profession, decide overwhelmingly to take strike action against his proposals? More importantly, if he is convinced it is such a good deal, why does he not agree to take it for independent assessment? Is there a hidden element he is not telling us about?

Denis Lee

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