Readers’ letters - November 25

A clause in the new care reform act has made life more difficult for disabled people, says a reader. See letter
A clause in the new care reform act has made life more difficult for disabled people, says a reader. See letter

Disabled are demonised

The new care reform act which came into being in April this year has a nasty little clause in it (S14) which states: “despite opposition from the select committee, that protection from charges that a disabled person can practically afford to pay be retained, this has now been removed”.

Many disabled who rely on carers have already been assessed as to their charges, which doesn’t take into account many of the other costs involved for disabled people or their carers, who, in many instances, have had no option but to stop work to provide care (even David Cameron in PM’s Question Time stated, “carers deserve all the help Government can give as they save the country billions”).

Many carers are left to care for disabled children or adults alone as their partners leave, and are already being demonised by this Government and the right wing press, which has led to more attacks and abuse to the disabled. But the richest tax avoiders still owe billions.

N Norris by email

Help families this Yuletide

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for parties, celebrations and making wonderful memories with friends and family, but in the midst of this, thousands of families will be spending this festive season either in hospital or at home caring for their seriously ill child.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity will be supporting families across the country over the Christmas period, ensuring they get the support they need to help make life just that little bit easier. Their Family Support Workers provide practical and emotional support to families and at Christmas allow parents some respite to do their Christmas shopping, create special memories with siblings and sick children by visiting Santa or are there to listen and support during the difficult days.

I am a proud supporter of this incredible, caring charity and I urge your readers to help this Christmas by making a donation to fund more Family Support Worker time with families this Christmas. To make a donation visit www.rainbowtrust.org.uk/donate, call 01372 363438 or text Rainbow to 70111.

Hugo Taylor

Made in Chelsea star and founder of Taylor Morris 

Horrendous happenings

The last week has brought the most horrendous happenings to our world. Not only the slaughters in Paris, but the stabbing of two little children and the murder of a lovely teenage girl. In addition, after ten years, we are reminded of the murder of Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher. Whilst all people are enjoying the seasonal time of the year, let us all think of the families who, this year and wherever they are, will be mourning the loss of their dear ones.

Edna Levi via email

Hate ideology

I read the letter in Tuesday’s WEP with interest (November 24). I have never liked the term ‘radical Muslim’ and ‘radical Islam’ when it is used to describe followers of an extreme ideology of hate (far from following religion, they are making a mockery of it). To call these monsters ‘Muslims’ must surely be an insult to peaceful followers of the religion.

Jane, address supplied