Readers’ letters - November 26

A reader pays tribute to rugby star Jonah Lomu. See letter
A reader pays tribute to rugby star Jonah Lomu. See letter

Nuclear will destroy us

Jeremy Corbyn has received a lot of flak for his clear vision for nuclear disarmament in our country and across the world.

The argument against this vision is that nuclear weapons are necessary as a deterrent against the enemy, whoever that may be.

By extrapolating the argument against Corbyn further, all right-minded countries should have these weapons to protect themselves.

But who decides what countries can have nuclear weapons and which ones can’t?

And where does this “deterrent” solution end? Almost certainly with nuclear war.

Make no mistake, nuclear weapons will deliver the end of humanity if we continue along our current path.

So, as Corbyn wisely states, we have to move towards a path of worldwide nuclear disarmament before it is too late.

Harry Francis


Let’s support unpaid carers

This month we celebrate Carers Rights Day and I’d like to take a moment to tell your readers why it’s essential we support unpaid carers right across the UK. I work for Revitalise, an amazing local charity that runs the Sandpipers respite break centre in Southport, providing respite holidays for disabled people and carers from around the region and beyond.

Most carers are entirely devoted to their loved ones, often working relentlessly to provide care for those they support.

It is a sobering thought that there are carers up and down the country who, each day, are edging ever closer to breaking point but are simply too fearful to let go of their loved ones, even for a few days.

We’ve conducted some research and found that 80 per cent of carers said they found feelings of guilt to be a substantial barrier preventing them from accessing respite breaks for themselves and those they care for. As a result, a third of unpaid carers have never had any significant time away since they started caring.

In contrast, 100 per cent of carers agreed that taking proper breaks away are vital in sustaining a good relationship with those they care for, with nine out of 10 going on to say that it helped prevent the breakdown of the caring relationship. That’s why we want to shine a light on the enormous benefits of respite breaks and remind carers that help is at hand!

If you would like to find out about Revitalise, our breaks or ways that we can help you, please call 0303 303 0147, or visit

Stephanie Stone

An absolute gentleman

In the midst of the international tributes to our French brothers and sisters, we should not overlook the passing of Jonah Lomu. A great rugby player taken far too soon. I have just watched an interview from 2004. What an absolute gentleman! I am not religious but I hope that his soul rests in absolute peace.

Jack Banner via email

We have a day to remember

I don’t see why there needs to be a separate period of silence after every major disaster. It detracts from the acts of remembrance on November 11. Terrorism is a type of war whose victims can be recalled on those November days.

Tim Micklbeurgh via email