Readers’ letters - November 27

The planet and its wildlife needs to be protected says singer Will Young, who is joining forces with the WWF
The planet and its wildlife needs to be protected says singer Will Young, who is joining forces with the WWF

Patient care a priority

Many of your readers will be aware of the forthcoming strike action taking place by junior doctors on Tuesday, December 1, Tuesday, December 8, and Wednesday, December 16, as part of a dispute with ministers over a new contract.

The Christie has written to all patients who are due to attend any of our centres on these dates to reassure them that their treatment will go ahead despite strike action, unless they have been notified otherwise.

We are making plans to ensure that all our patients can continue to receive their treatment on the strike days, even if some staff feel they must take some action.

Our main priority is to ensure continuity of patient care, however there may be some delays in clinics.

We will do our very best to keep these delays to a minimum.

Patients with any queries or concerns about their visit on December 1, 8 or 16, can contact us on the following numbers: 0161 446 2093 or 3517.

If the phone is not answered immediately, be assured we will answer it as soon as we can.

Patients can also visit for the latest information.

Roger Spencer

Chief Executive

The Christie

What world needs is love

To most, Christmas means spending time with the people we love, in the place we love best – our home, wherever that might be. But home means more than bricks and mortar or even friends and family.

Our planet is the home that every living creature shares with us, and if we want our loved ones to enjoy it for generations to come, we need to take better care of it. That’s why this festive period I want everyone to spare a thought for the incredible wildlife that needs our help.

It’s absolutely shocking to think that, in my lifetime, global wildlife populations have declined by over 50 per cent and our forests and oceans remain at risk. If we actually stop and think about that, it’s a real wake up call.

That’s why I’m proud to be working with WWF to play my part and help make the planet number one this Christmas with my version of the classic hit, What The World Needs Now Is Love.

Ultimately what the world needs now is for every one of us to protect our world and its incredible wildlife for future generations. The situation is urgent. The challenges are huge. But with your help, together with WWF, we can create a better future.

Show the world some love this Christmas by visiting and tell me what you’d like to protect with #WorldNeedsLove

Will Young


It’s not Islam

Re: Use the Term ‘Da’esh’ not ‘Isis’ (WEP November 24), this Muslim-led campaign brings joy to my heart and mind because I have been advocating the removal of any descriptive term involving Islam for any of these murderous gangs. Clearly the Islamic religion has been chosen by them to hide their deformed and illogical way of thinking, as others in past times have chosen the Christian, or Jewish, or other religious movements.

I am among many outraged Christians as I know there are many outraged Muslims who choose to live with their neighbours in a way that respects their country and their culture.

Berenice Bird via email