Readers’ letters - November 30

A reader asks whether going to war is really the right thing to do? See letter
A reader asks whether going to war is really the right thing to do? See letter

Why the need to join raids?

With China now joining the affray to bomb Syria, that’s 12 countries, so do we need to be the 13th? Why is David Cameron itching to join in this bombing? Does Syria need us?

I see it like this – there are 12 big bullies who have a victim on the floor kicking his head in, and Cameron is the little kid trying to get a reputation, trying to get through so he can launch a kick at the victim and earn his bragging rights.

Every innocent civilian maimed or killed, or displaced as a refugee, is fuel on the fire to more radicalisation, more soldiers for the terrorist cause. We could have defeated Daesh (formerly known as Isis), but we choose not to. We let two-mile long queues of tankers slip over the border unhindered into Turkey to sell oil on the black market. Terrorism is a multi-million pound business, and it’s our economy stupid.

It’s no surprise that last month China narrowly missed economic collapse, and our world hasn’t recovered from 2008, it’s just created more debt to solve the problem. It doesn’t matter who caused the atrocities in Paris, the result is war.

There’s no money in peace and negotiations, but plenty of debt can be created to fund the war machine and give the impression the economy is growing. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is calling for war, but that’s a debate for another day.

John Warnock

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Arming our enemies

The latest YouGov poll refutes Chris Moncrieff’s view (WEP November 24) that Jeremy Corbyn’s “grip on the party is slipping”. In fact it has tightened to 66 per cent, up from 59.5 per cent.

The reason he is not gung-ho in support of a change to parliament’s existing ‘no bombing’ policy is that the illegal warfare in the Middle East, during the last decade, has been counter-productive and largely responsible for many hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, enormous migrations across Europe from the area , and a meteoric rise in terrorism.

Even Tony Blair, who with the former American President, must bear heavy responsibility for the invasion of Iraq, said in an interview that this war is an “element” in the rise of ISIS.

Oil-rich Saudi Arabia, with a relatively small population, and in no danger of invasion, spends more per capita on armaments than any other country in the world – twice that of the USA.

Some of these weapons arm its own version of ISIS – now invading Yemen – but much of the remainder goes direct to ISIS in Syria. Saudi Arabia’s armaments are made in the West.

Ron Atkins

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Our nation is Christian

Regarding the row about cinemas refusing to run an advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer, it seems the namby pamby gutless fools are at it again.

The UK is predominately Christian, our way of life is based on Christian beliefs, and if any of the other religions are offended by this, then go and live in a country that does not have Christian beliefs. We welcome everyone into our country who wants to have a better standard of life, not bring their standard of life with them. What next, cancel Christmas, cancel Easter? Most of our holidays are based on Christian religion.

We are a Christian nation which welcomes other religions on to our shores in the hope that they will work with us for the betterment of all people living in the UK.

Bruce Allen via email