Readers’ letters - November 9

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It’s time to have a curfew on home fireworks displays

I know many people love November 5, but it’s about time it was sorted out.

All right, I can hear it right now: “Were you never young, and didn’t you enjoy fireworks?”

Well, I was young once, don’t recall when, but come on, the stuff we had was pathetic although we didn’t think so.

Roman Candles, Catherine Wheels that didn’t go round but just put a big burn on your shed door, and flip-flaps, or little demons, that, if you hadn’t a hearing aid, you would miss!

No, it doesn’t compare with World War Three that broke out this weekend.

I think organised events are great, but if you insist on home displays, couldn’t we have a curfew of, say, 9.30pm, and then all the folks with very young kids and those with, by now, neurotic pets could relax?!

We had a late flurry Saturday night, but near my daughter’s, some heroes thought 1.30am was ideal! Aged rant over!

Allan Fazackerley

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Rich take cash from services

I wonder if people like Lewis Hamilton have a guilty conscience when they see how public services such as the police, fire and the NHS are on their knees due to lack of government funding?

We only hope he never has a serious accident whilst racing and needs urgent medical treatment at an NHS hospital.

Could he look the medical staff treating him, for free, in the eye knowing he is avoiding paying his dues which would help pay their wages?

If the normal working public owed tax, the HMRC would find them and take it from them.

So much for David Cameron’s several false promises to sort out tax avoidance by the super rich.

Apparently what these people are doing is not illegal as long as they can get away with it.

They will put their consciences on the back burner and still take advantage of the public services provided which are funded by the working class.


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Did you serve on ‘grey funnel line’?

Did you serve on ‘The Grey Funnel Line’ – HMS Bulwark?

The Albion & Centaur Naval Association welcomes personnel who have served any time on the former carriers, R06, R07, R08 and the current Albion and Bulwark, L14 and L15.

Membership is currently around 500.

A journal, The R08, is produced three times a year and annual weekend reunions are held at various locations around the country.

This year we were at The Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea. Next year, 2018, we are at the Lord Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth, with the A.G.M. being held onboard the current HMS Bulwark.

The association has active regional reps. We sponsor sea cadets from our affiliated units. Some members and their wives have regular meetings at local pubs within their area.

Annual membership is just £10 for full and associate members.

Enquiries to the secretary Denis Askham on 01226 384283, membership secretary Harry Roddis on 01709 816667 or visit

Harry Roddis

Membership Secretary