Readers’ letters - October 1

Taking the railways back into a form of public ownership is a good idea, says a correspondent. Do you agree?
Taking the railways back into a form of public ownership is a good idea, says a correspondent. Do you agree?

Privatisation not working

After 20 years of increased fares and double the subsidies paid to British Rail, the promised land of privatisation continues to deliver services well behind those of mainland Europe and at twice the cost. It isn’t hard to see why the Corbyn plan to take the railways back into some form of public ownership is becoming increasingly appealing, right across the political spectrum.

We visit France, Germany etc and find buses, trains, trams and tubes, properly integrated, very attractive and very affordable.

How do they achieve something which has eluded us for decades and continues to do so? Perhaps they recognise that the real value of a public service is something more complex than total deference to an endless succession of bottom lines. Perhaps they realise that delivery of these vital services requires something more cerebral than constant bleats of “competition” and little else.

Malcolm Wright via email

Trust will give help

Youth unemployment levels have hardly changed in the last 12 months, and there are still more than 723,000 young people in the UK out of work. There is a real danger that many of them will be left behind.

In the last 10 years, The Prince’s Trust has supported more than 2,410 young people in the North West to beat unemployment by becoming their own boss. From gardening to graphic design, baking to beauty therapy, we have given jobless young people the advice and tools they need to follow their passions and kick-start self-employed careers. I’ve met a lot of young people we’ve supported on our Enterprise programme and so many of them have said that starting their own business was the best decision they ever made. As well as providing products and services that fulfil a local need, hundreds of Trust-supported young people have gone on to expand their businesses and create jobs for others in their communities.

That’s why this autumn we’ve teamed up with NatWest to launch a campaign called #MyBigIdea in an effort to encourage more young people to consider self-employment. There are so many young people out there with innovative ideas and aspirations for enterprise, but too often they lack confidence to take that first step. If you are unemployed, or working less than sixteen hours a week, and have a passion or idea, come and talk to The Prince’s Trust. We can help you turn that enthusiasm into a sustainable enterprise and successful future.

Jonathan Townsend

North of England Director at The Prince’s Trust

All welcome for service

On Sunday, October 4 ,Wigan’s 141th Rosary Sunday service will be held at Sacred Heart Church, Swan Lane, in Hindley Green. This year we will be honoured by the attendance of The Mayor of Wigan, Coun Susan Loudon, and Bishop Tom Williams of Liverpool.

We meet at 2pm, at the rear of the church. One decade of The Holy Rosary will be said for world peace, then one verse of Faith of Our Fathers, followed by The National Anthem. We then process to church for the completion of the Holy Rosary and Benediction, Bishop Williams will deliver a homily. Everyone is invited, please be assured of a warm welcome. Light refreshments will be served afterwards. I hope many will accept the invitation and give The Mayor and The Bishop a typical Wigan welcome.

Tom Walsh,

President, Catholic Men’s Society