Readers’ letters - October 11

A fracking well in operation in America
A fracking well in operation in America
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Why do we need to rush

in this dash for gas?

Further to concerns expressed over the proposed fracking, why do we need to rush?

The gas, if it is there, has been there for millions of years, it will always be there and if it becomes critical for our survival then, at that time, we could attempt to extract it.

The reserves potentially give us independence when we really need it.

If we had continued to purchase oil and gas through the 1960s and 1970s onwards while conserving the reserves of the North Sea, we could be free of the price hike pressure to buy from other producers now.

Sit back, observe developments, monitor any further progress of fracking elsewhere, even wait for alternative technology to continue its growing importance.

On that tack. why are all new developments of housing and industry not installing solar generation on all roofs?

It should not be beyond the designers’ skills to continue to further improve their look and ensure wide acceptance.

Robert Adams

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We need less confrontation

What an unholy mess our politicians have got us into.

The future is as uncertain for the UK as it has ever been in peacetime and our combative political system means that shouting and posturing ensures that no improvement will appear on the horizon – quite the contrary.

Nevertheless, we are more fortunate than the Americans who were so ill-advised as to elect their worst president in history.

Although our system is deeply flawed and ineffectual, we do avoid giving responsibility for our government to such dangerous incompetents as Donald Trump.

Now it seems we must suck up to such menaces in the hope of a big trade deal. What a hope!

The situation cries out for more consensus in our politics over such problems as the NHS, housing and poverty pockets. This has got to be more sensible than the same old tired alternatives as giving the market free rein or more nationalisation. As a first step, we could adopt PR which would render the system less confrontational. Germany has PR and they are doing all right.

Don Burslam

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No deal better than poor deal

Threats from the dictatorial EU are as unacceptable as the precedent of punishment promised because we are opting out of the planned United States of Europe and its abolition of nation states.

Our bright future outside the EU will be brighter still, without the inevitable chains and disadvantages of a Brussels-style Brexit agreement.

It is now blatantly obvious that no deal is better than a poor deal or indeed years of protracted arrangements, tantamount to circumventing and jeopardising our clear referendum results.

Ian Oglesby

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Action call

over plastics

Why should we wait for the Government to authorise

the recycling of plastic bottles?

Is it not possible for city, town and parish councils to set up their own schemes following the speech by Prince Charles on marine pollution?

The Government can’t do everything.

James Buick

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