Readers’ letters - October 12

Jeremy Hunt's comments about parents working harder has proved controversial, see letter
Jeremy Hunt's comments about parents working harder has proved controversial, see letter

System is corporate

It comes as no surprise to see the extreme right giving support to the right-wing government’s class war on the poor, using one word rhetoric like anarchists, instead of constructive criticism (WEP, October 7).

A real democracy allows free speech, peaceful protest and opposite views to be expressed freely, instead they want to suppress this.

We have a global corporate occupation force, not a democracy or anything that resembles one.

Recent Government changes take powers and rights away from local councils, resulting in more centralised decisions that have no bearing on the local economy or environment.

It’s all part of the big privatisation of the country. This has a name – TTIP or the transatlantic trade and investment partnership – which hands democracy to corporates who will charge five times more to run our public services, including the police force, which needs to be independent and serve the public interest, not the corporate one.

We need a new politics, an choosing between right and wrong, not the fundamentalism of right-wing and left-wing. David Cameron’s speech used the word boom, which is always followed by bust.

Most worrying are the new planning and housing rules, which are fuelled by more debt that can only create another bubble, followed by more bank bailouts. And he calls this backward step progress?

John Warnock

Address supplied

Failure of humanity

THE outrageous views of “nasty party” multi-millionaire Cabinet member Jeremy Hunt demonstrates his failures of logic and humanity.

I suppose we should not be surprised by his apparent ignorance, but to suggest that the lives of children currently living in poverty will be improved by making parents work harder for less, like the Chinese communists do, flies in the face of the current austerity circumstances many of these families are already enduring.

It is also sheer wilful arrogance from someone “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” to say this at a time when, for instance, another 1,700 families are likely to enter poverty in the North East as a result of the closure of the Redcar steelworks.

Another proven instance of a member of the Tory party taking advantage of the worst-off in our society.

Terry Palmer via email

Go on run for poorly pets

Many runners have recently found out whether they have been lucky enough to secure a ballot place in the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon.

If anyone was unsuccessful, but still keen to participate and put their training to good use, pet charity PDSA has a limited number of guaranteed Golden Bond places available.

For anyone interested in running for PDSA and helping our dedicated vets and nurses treat sick and injured pets, please go to or call 0800 508 8323 to find out more.

For runners who were successful via the Ballot system, we would also be delighted for you to join Team PDSA to help us raise awareness of the vital work our vets and nurses undertake.

Runners completing the marathon for PDSA will be given fantastic support, including an after race reception in London, advice and guidance to help with their fundraising and an amazing cheering squad to help them around the 26.2 mile course.

On behalf of poorly pets, thank you.

Rosie Gibbons

Challenge & Community Events

PDSA Head Office