Readers’ letters - October 13

Emails just don't have the same impact as letters in the post says a reader
Emails just don't have the same impact as letters in the post says a reader
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Cutting funds to life-savers

With excessive speed, we not only get casualties, we get excessive pollution.

The VW cheating scandal has highlighted: “Scientific experts now believe the nation faces an epidemic of illnesses that are exacerbated by air pollution, which include cardiovascular disease, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and diabetes”.

With the NHS suffering a £930m deficit (worst crisis in a generation), George Osbourne has basically told it he’s given it the money it asked for, to spend it wisely and reduce the need for expensive contract labour.

If the Department for Transport did its job wisely, for instance reduce the number of ‘expensive’ speeders, it would surely enable the NHS to function more efficiently.

Child road casualties alone cost the NHS millions: “The approximate lifetime medical, educational and social costs for one child with a severe traumatic brain injury is £4.89m”.

With our NHS and police force both tackling potential killers, they surely amount to the nation’s ‘immune system’.

Cutting funding to these two life-savers, effectively condemns the poor, vulnerable and elderly to premature death!

Allan Ramsay


nuclear weapon

Doubts over deterrent

How can two men take us to the brink?

Over the years, in the main, I have agreed with the “nuclear deterrent”, but ever since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, I have always had a doubt at the back of my mind.

Namely, how can it be right that just two men can take the world to the brink of nuclear catastrophe? All that Kruschov was after was the removal of the missiles on the south coast of the Black Sea, pointing at Russia. When Kennedy realised he had been conned, he agreed to the removal with the proviso that the Russians wouldn’t release the news for six months.

Now about Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that he wouldn’t authorise the firing of missiles and the subsequent howls from the Tory camp about us being defenceless.

What, like Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Greece, Turkey et al?

If I understand the situation correctly, we would only fire if missiles were incoming.

We would only be a target because we have the weapons because of the so-called “MAD” theory – mutually assured destruction.

Major cities would be destroyed and our world atmosphere polluted with deadly fall-out for years.

Will Power

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postal service

Emails lack same buzz

I believe looking forward to the sound of mail arriving is an age thing.

Modern communication like email, texts, etc have all left me well behind and the postman is still my best friend.

Even when, over the years, I received a letter stating: “I write to advise you that you have been selected for underground coal mining” (as I was called up to be a Bevin boy).

Or, on the good news side, when a letter from a friend said: “I’m treating you to your flight to America with me on Concorde”.

Today’s communications may travel faster, but their messages lack the buzz of 
a missive the postman 
pushes through your letter 

Neil Kendall

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