Readers’ letters - October 14

Bad manners ruined match

I have followed Wigan Rugby League club for over 45 years, home and away.

My mate and I have missed only one game all season.

On Saturday night we went to the grand final at Old Trafford. Our seats were high up on the second tier, a £20 seat.

We had a good view of the pitch, that was until a woman, two rows in front, decided she was going to stand up all night, flapping her arms up and down as if she was trying to fly.

Many fans sat around us kept shouting to her to sit down. She just ignored them.

When the second half started, three men directly in front decided they would join the ignorant woman by standing up for the rest of the game. When we asked them to sit down as we could not see the game, they just smirked.

We did not see one bit of the second half. We did not see who scored or any of the action. The next time we saw the pitch was when the Leeds team went round with the cup.

Do these ignorant people not realise that, if they stand up, the seated people behind can’t see or are they so ignorant and self-centred they just don’t care?

They ruined the night for two pensioners.

Two very disappointed pensioners via email

High costs of agency staff

We are told there’s a big black hole (or should it be red) created by a £930m deficit in NHS spending over the first three months of this year. Followed by a report that, since the election of Mr Cameron in 2010, NHS costs have been £43bn.

Chancellor Osborne is being asked to urgently make provision for the overburdened health service. Cash shortages are beginning to affect patient care, the demands for up-dated equipment, drugs and other forms of medication, to say nothing of waiting times for appointments, beds and operations. Considering past reports of, for example, high-ranking NHS managers taking redundancy payments and then being employed elsewhere in the service, at the same rates of pay, and the employment of contract and agency staff on grossly inflated rates of pay, is it any wonder the once pride and joy of the UK is groaning under the strain?

When reports of nurses standing in from the same source for more than £160 an hour, and rates commensurate with the job for doctors, the sums involved have to be tremendous. It also causes unrest among those working for a fraction of the same pay.

Surely if nurses and doctors in full employment were better paid, there would be no need to employ agency staff at such astronomical levels.

Even if unavoidable at times, such absurd extravagancies should be avoided, without the need of middle men taking their cut!

Some of whom, having once been under contract to the NHS, have sold on their businesses for millions. Enough said!

Ernest Lundy via email

More fudge

Mr Cameron’s steps to renegotiate the terms of our EU membership appear to be weak with nothing that will make any difference to the status-quo. In other words, yet another fudge, like the one made over the EU’s demand for £1.7bn imposed on the UK in 2014 as a surcharge because our economy has been successful.

Ministers had claimed to have “halved the bill” of this outrageous demand, this has in fact been ‘confirmed’ by Conservative Campaign HQ. Yet according to Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP, the bill was actually settled in full following this year’s general election.

This appears to be a case of smoke and mirrors that conceals the actual outcome of the events, which is all I can only see happening with Mr Cameron’s renegotiation of our EU membership terms. No real changes, just more fudge.

Philip Griffiths, North West President,

UKIP (UK Independence Party)