Readers’ letters - October 16

Michael Gove objected to the government's proposed deal with Saudi Arabia. See letter
Michael Gove objected to the government's proposed deal with Saudi Arabia. See letter

Money should not dictate

Well done Michael Gove! Something I thought I would never say in a month of Sundays...this is with reference to his objections to this Conservative government’s backtrack on their £5.9m impending deal with Saudi Arabia.

About time money stopped dictating the outcomes and people took preference.

Even Jeremy Corbyn spoke some sense in following a sensible path and speaking out.

Is money that important that the Conservative Government and many more condone such a regime that continues with beheadings, stoning, crucifixions and lashings under the supposed interpretation of Islamic Law?

I thank you Mr Gove for showing some compassion and ultimate sense.

As for the foreign secretary Philip Hammond and his pathetic “this will have far bigger ramifications, that just doesn’t wash!

When will the ‘I’m alright Jack’ approach extend to fellow neighbours and fellow human beings?

Thank God for a modicum of sense.

Phil Roche

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Labour’s run out of steam

There is a perfectly simple explanation why Labour seems to have run out of electable leaders.

The absence of credible runners is because the party no longer has a viable position or policies.

They have just run out of steam.

Labour’s heyday was, of course, the Attlee Government, but since the advent of the Welfare State and the NHS, there is a shortage of banners which the troops can wave with enthusiasm and conviction. Blairism has shown, in retrospect, that it was no answer to this problem and, to put it bluntly, Labour has outlived its usefulness.

Our democratic system does need a robust opposition as a possible alternative government.

Harold Wilson once said the Labour movement is a crusade or it is nothing.

I am afraid their shop window is now bare except for a 
few faded and outdated displays.

Don Burslam via email

Policies are heartless

I am one of the most mild- mannered people, but I have a big heart and soul and the reason I get on my soapbox is seeing the needy and vulnerable of our society being treated like they are by the heartless and soulless people like IDS and the rest of them.

APB via email

Postage price rise bad idea

I heard of a scheme where some kind people have decided to write letters to the elderly and lonely folk so that they can look out for the postman calling – a very good idea as I write to my friends and relatives instead of the phone.

But now the Post Office has decided to up the price of postage.

I think it is a bad move as most folk will find it cheaper to keep on texting and using mobile phones.

It will take some time for people to understand the new prices.

Bang goes another good idea.

Olga Twist

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