Readers’ letters - October 2

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn opposes Trident but one reader disagrees. See letter
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn opposes Trident but one reader disagrees. See letter

Overcrowded Little Britain

Something is baffling me.

If the government is hell-bent on taking the welfare benefits from all the genuine disabled people in Little Britain – and on slashing welfare spending and capping all benefits – it doesn’t seem to have any problems digging deep and helping by “bringing in” thousands of refugees! While the government is very happy to penalise its own people – they are only too happy to help all those foreigners? Where are they going to be rehoused?

And they, no doubt, will all receive some welfare benefits too?

I bet they haven’t even got any documentation in order to qualify for any handouts.

So, why is the government rallying round and bringing in more people for rehousing?

We are full and struggling already. It defies logic.

We have a massive homeless problem of our own – and people have been losing their benefits – and the government decide to put extra burden on that by allowing in people claiming asylum? Why?

I bet there’s a queue of property owners all queuing up to let their properties in order to receive a nice fat monthly rent cheque. And, I doubt very much if these people will have to worry about providing any kind of guarantor.

Oh, I forgot – they already have their property guarantor – in the shape of the government?

How very appropriate!

So more pressure will now be added to the hospitals, schools and other vital services.

As for Little Britain – she can continue to sink because she’s vastly overcrowded.

I’m very willing to give up my property and claim asylum in either Florida or Tenerife. Would that be possible? No chance! They probably wouldn’t be interested in my story to escape the depressing and quite miserable, and very ‘overcrowded,’ Little Britain!

I just wonder what the late Enoch Powell would have thought about this situation, and, of course, Alf Garnett.

Darryl Ashton via email

Trident is a deterrent

Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated his long-standing opposition to Trident, our nuclear deterrent. He says no one could possibly use it and, therefore, it is pointless.

Such comments reveal gross ignorance of nuclear deterrence. These terrible weapons deter a potential enemy because he is never certain if they will be used.

Denis Healey, our finest Defence Secretary since 1945, said at a meeting at which I was present, the weapons “will deter even if the enemy thinks there is only a one per cent chance it will be used”.

Opponents of Trident should consider how we could respond to a nuclear threat if we were nuclear naked.

In a world in which there will be at least four more nuclear powers by 2040, we would be at the mercy of blackmail.

There is widespread ignorance about nuclear strategy.

Corbyn’s words reveal his knowledge of nuclear matters matches that of his economics.

Barry Clayton

Address supplied

Bike the only green answer

I am unimpressed at the exhibition of new found environmental concern by car owners who feel aggrieved that their German cars’ computers have been skilfully programmed to always indicate that emissions standards are being met.

Like most drivers, as long as my vehicle passes the MOT, I don’t care what emerges from the exhaust pipe.

If I gave a fig about the environment, I’d have bought a bicycle!

John Eoin Douglas via email