Readers’ letters - October 20

Cutting tax credits will affect families says a reader. See letter
Cutting tax credits will affect families says a reader. See letter

Families will be suffering

Before the 2015 election, David Cameron stated that there would be no lowering of tax credits yet, once again, his promises have been broken as George Osborne is forging ahead with his agenda to cut tax credits.

The cuts to tax credits will punish families who work hard but depend on them to top up their low wages.

It has been identified that, in just one borough alone, 3,900 families will be adversely effected by the proposed cuts. I dread to think what the total number of families being penalised throughout the North West will be.

Unless we stop these cuts, millions of families across the country will struggle to afford necessities like food, winter clothes and school essentials for the kids.

This government’s austerity measures are doing nothing to reduce the deficit, and even less to reduce the country’s debt, reported to be the seventh highest in the developed world.

In fact it is also widely reported that their austerity programme is having a negative effect on the prospects of clearing the deficit and reducing debt.

Why are the Tories targeting the most vulnerable in society whilst giving huge tax breaks to their rich friends and large corporations?

I urge you to run a press campaign to highlight the damage that this is causing to the economy as a whole and to put pressure upon MPs of all parties to oppose the propose cuts.

Bob Dennett via email

Help charity – make a will

Local solicitors are offering their services on a voluntary basis to help people write their will this November during Will Aid’s Make a Will Month. Instead of charging a fee, they are inviting the will-maker to make a voluntary donation to Will Aid. The suggested donation is £95 for a single basic will and £150 for a pair of basic matching or “mirror” wills.

All the money donated is shared between the nine participating charities that carry out life-changing work here in the UK and around the world.

Most charity will schemes are aimed at older people.

Will Aid is different. It is open to adults of any age and that’s because Will Aid solicitors know how important it is for everyone to have a proper will. It doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 80 years old, if you want your worldly possessions to go to particular individuals or organisations, you need to have a valid will and keep it up to date.

If you have young children, it is also vital to ensure that you have made arrangements for their guardianship should the worst happen.

Will Aid is a fantastic opportunity to get an affordable will and give to good causes at the same time.

You can contact a Will Aid solicitor today to make an appointment. These solicitors get very busy in November, so it is advisable to book your November appointment as soon as possible. Participating solicitors in this area can be found at or by calling the Will Aid hotline on 0300 0309 558.

Peter de Vena Franks

Will Aid Campaign Director

Diesel deal?

I have noticed these past few days that the price of diesel is creeping up and becoming more expensive than petrol again. Could this be a forecourt owners/Government deal, following the debacle of VW vehicles, to put drivers off buying a diesel car?

Terry Duncan

Address supplied