Readers’ letters - October 21

Unemployment has gone up in the last five years says a correspondent, plus other writers express their concerns over cutting tax credits. See letters
Unemployment has gone up in the last five years says a correspondent, plus other writers express their concerns over cutting tax credits. See letters

I’ll feel the loss of cash

As a single mother of four children, three living at home, I have tried for the last four years to contribute both to my family and work.

Up until the forthcoming proposed ‘cuts’, I really didn’t mind commuting 103 miles, three times a week (one car, two trains) each way, as I felt I was contributing and, as I do a consistently good job as a lecturer, I believed that eventually a ‘full-time’ position would be within my reach.

Neither did I mind paying out £72 in train fares (often late), £12.50 in car parking fees and, of course, £25 in petrol per week. In total, for a year, my transport costs equated to £2,628.

Then, there was the ‘summer save’, saving up to ensure that my family and I could survive during the months that I didn’t get paid.

(Oh, the efficiency of Zero hours...)

This year, that changed.

I could no longer meet the demands of the ‘summer save’, therefore it became a ‘summer of debt’.

So, I have done everything that you asked me to do, worked 14-hour days, paid the highest train fares in Europe for the most inefficient service, and now my family and I are to get our reward....

Savage cuts to our income, why?

Because the Government tells us it needs to balance its books...for a wealthier, more prosperous nation, which I have no doubt it is, especially for those corporations and individuals that continuously benefit from relaxed tax legislation and ‘business friendly’ practices.

My question remains the same.

Why? Why Mr Osborne?

Oh, sorry I forgot, I won’t feel the pain of my loss of a further £230 per month.

I assure you I will.

I can also assure you that I believe you have made a huge error of judgement.

Arrogance has got the better of you and your pals.

Shame on you.

Chris Carberry

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Improve pay first of all

The proposed tax credits cut will not make any difference to me personally. However I feel strongly that the cuts are wrong – at this stage.

It appears to me to be putting the cart before the horse.

The Prime Minister seems convinced that better pay will make up for the loss of tax credits. Clearly he doesn’t live in the real world.

Okay, cut tax credits when an individual’s earnings go over an improved and agreed upper limit, but to cut them before an improvement in pay is cruel and short-sighted.

Susan Askey

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It could be you next

This Government thinks people on minimum wage can afford a £450,000 house, is this really a reality gap or are they having a laugh? Families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads.

Rents in the private sector are too high for a lot of people to even consider and social housing just isn’t available to most folks unless they have special circumstances.

It doesn’t matter what the Tories say. There are more unemployed people around now than there were five years ago. When will people wake up and stop believing this Government? If it’s not you this time, it will be next!

Carol Stevens via email

Paying for ads

While I appreciate the reasons behind charging 5p or 10p for plastic bags, it seems wrong that the supermarket advertises their name on the bag. This is free advertising and they should pay me to advertise for them. These bags should be blank. I cannot agree with paying (I know it goes to charity) while also giving them free advertising.

Alun Jones via email

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