Readers’ letters - October 22

Entertainer George Formby and fiancee Pat Howson, who were featured in Retro. See letter
Entertainer George Formby and fiancee Pat Howson, who were featured in Retro. See letter

Standing up to bullies


I witnessed a serious case of intimidation and harassment of a local schoolgirl this week, which reminded me of a witchcraft persecution.

A throng of girls and a boy were following and jeering another girl while she was pleading for them in vain to desist.

What is worse is that the teenage boy was filming her discomfiture, probably for later amusement.

I phoned the school in question and they confirmed the girl’s parents had contacted them to register a complaint of intimidation.

The incident happened at a busy bus stop, and many drivers must have seen what was going on.

It is up to responsible adults to intervene where necessary in cases such as this, not to walk on the other side of the road.

Most of us now know that childhood mental illness is reaching epidemic proportions.

A child’s life can be severely impacted by peer bullying of this type, and create phobias of one sort or another.

We have to point out that such behaviour is completely intolerable if we are not going to witness the same gang culture emerging that afflicts other towns and cities in the UK.

Graham Lloyd via email

Great reply from fans

The feature on the book, Formby’s Lost Love, in the Wigan Evening Post’s Retro (WEP October 7) has brought an overwhelming response.

Many readers have been in contact to order a copy of Formby’s Lost Love – including interest from Canada and Spain, along with Lancashire folk – who have never forgotten Britain’s Wigan-born ukulele star, George Formby.

Formby’s Lost Love tells the heart-breaking story of Formby’s fiancee, Preston- born Pat Howson, who was left the majority of his £2.25m fortune in his will, following his death in 1961.

Religious education teacher Pat died, a decade later, aged 46, in 1971, from ovarian cancer.

I would like to thank the Wigan Evening Post for the tremendous response following the Retro article.

To order a book of Formby’s Lost Love, priced at £10, email

Andrew Atkinson,

Author, Formby’s Lost Love

Take nothing at face value

Apparently six of David Cameron’s Cabinet ministers have privately demanded that he waives “collective responsibility” and allows them to campaign to leave the EU.

In order to assert his will, that we remain shackled to this failing institution, it is reported that he is planning to purge his cabinet of all Eurosceptics.

This smacks at being undemocratic and more akin to the behaviour of tin-pot dictators.

On the other hand, what if it is all work of ‘spin doctors’ working to keep us in the EU, and upon Mr Cameron’s return and having “renegotiated the best deal for Britain”, the supposed Eurosceptics hail it as an important victory and urge us all to vote to stay in?

Only time will tell, and we’ve all seen supposed Tory MPs making demands, only to see them collapse.

All I would add is take nothing at face value and treat all that is supposedly leaked to the press with extreme caution.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)