Readers’ letters - October 26

A reader appeals for others to dig deep for this year's Poppy Appeal. See letter
A reader appeals for others to dig deep for this year's Poppy Appeal. See letter

Women do understand

Professor Averil Macdonald, the chairwoman of UK Onshore Oil and Gas, and a professor of science engagement, claimed this week that women oppose fracking because they don’t understand the issues involved, and follow their gut, rather than the facts.

Well, Prof Macdonald, I feel it is you that does not understand the facts when it comes to the stance women are taking on fracking.

Do you actually think that, because of not studying the subject of science past the age of 16, we are incapable of self study of in later life?

Does it make us less intelligent? Don’t women go on to take up careers in later life that require dedicated study?

Many of the women in the anti-fracking movement are articulate well-educated women, and are determined that fracking will not go ahead in this country for the exact reason that they “do understand” the consequences of this huge industrial nightmare waiting in the wings threatening to change our landscapes, our health and our way of lives.

Your statement is ridiculous in the extreme, and you are playing straight into the misogynous attitude that is still prevalent in our society, you do a disservice to women and you should retract your statement.

Gail Hodson via email

Investment ‘is political’

I think that China’s investment in British nuclear power is politically motivated and doesn’t serve the interests of the British people at all.

It serves the interest of China and the politicians who are more than willing to sell off vital British infrastructure and real estate to foreign investors such as China.

How can it be a good deal for all parties? Someone’s got to make a profit. And that profit will come in the shape of higher energy costs for British consumers.

That doesn’t serve the interests of the British people, considering that energy costs in Britain are already the highest in Europe. And the economy won’t benefit, China’s economy will benefit since they’ll be the largest share holders. It takes control of the energy industry further away from the British people and places it in the hands of foreign capitalists

Daniel McGann

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Dig deep for
British Legion

I don’t think there will be many of us left who will know what it is like to live one’s childhood seeing one’s dad reliving the horrors of trench warfare and then later trying to help one’s husband to put behind him the horrors of the fighting in the Middle East.

Many people had the two death marches from Italy to Poland’s horror camps, then later the march from Poland when the retreating Germans were trying to escape the advancing Russians.

And then there was the horrors of what men, women and children were forced to endure at Japanese hands.

How their families managed to cope is beyond belief as there was very little help to be found.

The Royal British Legion must have been overwhelmed trying to help, so I and many other civilians tried to do our bit selling poppies and in many other small ways.

As November 11 will be here soon, I hope everyone will dig deep. So much is needed to help keep this organisation going, even for many years to come, so be very generous please.

Olga Twist

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