Readers’ letters - October 30

Don’t forget wildlife and pets on bonfire night

Remember, remember the 5th of November and by all means have your fun, but please keep in mind this time of the year is no fun for our pets.

It’s terrifying for them.

They can panic when fireworks are let off, then run away and get lost or injured, so please keep cats and dogs indoors whenever fireworks are being let off and 
try to be at home with them on bonfire night.

Do not take your dog to a fireworks display, that’s very cruel.

Don’t forget the smaller animals, like rabbits, which are kept outdoors.

They get frightened too and are not in a position to run away and hide.

Bring their hutches indoors into a cool room, shed or garage and give them extra straw to bury themselves in while the noise is going on.

Do tell neighbours with pets in advance if you are going to let off fireworks, so they can be prepared and think of our precious wildlife and check for hedgehogs in your bonfire before you light it.

A little consideration towards our four-legged friends will be very much appreciated.

Josephine Harwood

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Nominate local volunteers

Every time an honours list is published, many of us wonder why people we know aren’t recognised.

There are many fantastic volunteers and school governors in our community who could be nominated.

I started to encourage more people to nominate others for national recognition after I made the mistake of leaving it too late.

I nominated a governor who I had known for many years.

He had volunteered at a local school for nearly 30 years and given his time to various local groups. He was a fantastic person.

The application was a true reflection of him and the nomination was supported by politicians, colleagues and parents.

Sadly he died before he could be honoured.

If you know a great local volunteer, nominate them.

The days of a civil servant trawling through lists of people to be honoured are gone. Chances are if we don’t nominate them, no one will.

I wrote a ‘ How to nominate people’ guide because I couldn’t find one.

It’s now the most widely used and downloaded free guide and has had social media support from many celebrities and politicians including all our local MPs.

Find it on Facebook.

It’s so simple to nominate someone today.

There are no deadlines, you can submit all the forms online and there is generally goodwill from many to write supporting letters.

My guide explains the whole process, gives easy to follow examples and even the words expected by the committee.

You can find a text only, PDF and word version at:

Good luck nominating people and if you want help, find me on Twitter @mm684.

Martin Matthews

via email

UN’s strange role models

Am I a megalomaniac? Have I, at best, turned a blind eye to the killing, torture and rape of tens of thousands of my own people? Have I wrecked within a generation the vibrant expanding economy of my country through my ineptitude and avarice? No? Damn. There goes my chance of my being elected a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Allan Friswell

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