Readers’ letters - Thursday, September 24

The National Anthem needs to be changed and the Monarchy abolished says a reader. Do you agree? Write in and tell us your views. See letter
The National Anthem needs to be changed and the Monarchy abolished says a reader. Do you agree? Write in and tell us your views. See letter

Royalty is out of date

Re: the frenzy by the Tory press because Jeremy Corbyn did not sing God Save The Queen.

There are claims that “the national anthem is a gesture of your allegiance to our nation”. It is nothing of the sort, being a mournful dirge in praise of one individual; that individual being someone who has succeeded to the title of King or Queen simply by an accident of birth.

The concept of royalty is an outdated anachronism which has no place in the modern world. We live in a so-called democracy yet have an unelected monarch foisted upon us by the establishment. I also refuse to sing the national anthem as the words are meaningless to me but that does not signify a lack of allegiance to the country on my part.

The monarchy costs this country well in excess of £300m per year, although the well-oiled Buckingham Palace propaganda machine continues to fool the public by falsely claiming that the cost works out at less than £1 per head of the population. There is no doubt that the monarchy has not suffered any of the consequences of the Tory government’s austerity policies as it forges ahead protecting its rich friends in the City of London and attacking those unfortunate members of society who are in no position to fight back.

There is nothing to celebrate in the fact that Elizabeth Windsor has completed more than 63 years in her well-paid role, thereby beating the record of Queen Victoria.

I am a member of Republic which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement by a democratic alternative.

Had Jeremy Corbyn mouthed the words of the national anthem, in deference to a person whose function he does not support, he would have been criticised for being a hypocrite. I look forward to when the monarchy is abolished and the awful national anthem replaced by one which is truly national in that it encompasses the whole country and not one pampered individual.

Barrie Dalby by email

Get dotty in fundraiser

I was shocked to find out that every 15 minutes in the UK someone starts to lose their sight. I know only too well how worrying it is to think you might not see your loved ones again after needing a cataract operation myself. Thankfully the operation was a success, but it made me think about how my life would change if I couldn’t read my lines or see the reaction on other actors’ faces when I’m on set.

Almost two million people in the UK live with little or no sight at all, and RNIB is there to offer a wide range of support.

That’s why I’m supporting RNIB’s Wear dots... raise lots campaign which raises much needed funds to support all of RNIB’s vital work for people with sight loss.

It’s easy to make a difference, simply gather your friends and dig out the polka dots. Or why not try a dotty cake sale or games evening? Register your interest at or call 0845 345 0054.

Barbara Windsor

Join in with Steps for Pets

I am writing to ask your readers to lace up their boots, pull on their wellies or slip on their dancing shoes and join in with Blue Cross pet charity’s Steps for Pets challenge this October.

Joining in with Steps for Pets couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is commit to raise money for every step you take, to help reach a grand total of 10 million steps. You can take your steps any way you like.

My fantastic dogs Itchy and Scratchy mean the world to me. I wouldn’t be without them and I think they have a happy life.

Sadly many pets aren’t so lucky. Blue Cross cares for thousands of sick, injured and homeless pets in its rehoming centres and hospitals every year. By joining in with Steps for Pets events, you can help them raise the vital funds they need to continue helping pets.

Please visit or call 0300 790 9903.

Chris Packham