Recalling all the heroes

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I NOTICED in your recent education supplement an article on pupils who were given the task of speaking about the lack of role models for today’s youngsters.

It led me to look back and remember mine. In politics it had to be Churchill a great war leader and Clement Atlee who was a prime minister after the war, his government with Nye Bevan as Minister of Health, spearheaded the establishment of the National Health Service.

In boxing it was Henry Cooper who famously put Mohammed Ali on the deck. In football Stanley Matthews and Tom Finney and later on Bobby Charlton, were all heroes of mine. Cricketer, Ian Botham had to be the greatest all rounder I have ever seen.

Singer Vera Lynn rallied the troops and the nation during the war years and who can forget Torvill and Dean ice dancing to the Bolero? Comedian Ken Dodd who years ago in Blackpool carried his act on so long he got us locked out of our digs. I’m sure many of your readers of a certain age could quote many more.

Lower Incer

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