Red meat warning

PROCESSED red meat products – such as bacon, sausages and ham – have now been scientifically proven to increase the risk of developing bowel cancer, the second most lethal form of the disease in the UK after lung cancer.

Yet, despite this fact being acknowledged by the World Health Organization, the World Cancer Research Fund and even the UK’s Department of Health, little has been done to warn the public of the danger. That is why Animal Aid is launching a new campaign to help protect people from these carcinogenic products, and also – of course – to protect animals from slaughter.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the link between processed red meat and bowel cancer or would like information on going meat-free should contact Animal Aid on 01732 364546 or email

Ben Martin

Animal Aid

Free speech is a right

The Government is currently pushing through a new gagging law which will impact on all charities wishing to speak up on the current big issues of the day.

The gagging law introduces new rules that would prevent non-politicians from speaking on the big issues of the day.

Loads of charities and campaign groups have spoken up about it, not just 38 Degrees, from the Royal British Legion to Oxfam, to the RSPB.

Despite how vocal civil society has been about the problems with this law, the government has been trying to rush it through without proper scrutiny.

Groups that normally wouldn’t agree have been uniting to speak out against this law. Politics is too important to leave to political parties, and in a healthy democracy everyone should be able to express their views.

At the present time it is understood many MPs will vote in favour of the new law despite all the opposition being mounted by charities, etc. If the general public want to maintain a healthy democracy with everyone able to express their own views without interference then please urge your local MP to vote against the Bill or at least try to get the Bill amended.

Brian Rimmer

Sandringham Court


Recruiting for Poppy helpers

The leaves of autumn are starting to fall and the red Poppy of Remembrance is starting to bloom.

It is that time of year when we start to remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and give thanks to those who returned.

The Royal British Legion is the nation’s foremost ex-service charity and custodian of Remembrance and needs your help.

For over 90 years it has been ready and able to help all those who come to the legion for help and assistance.

The legion is there to help today’s generation of ex-service and serving men, women and their families just as it has served all generations since its formation. If the legion is to carry on this sterling work, it is essential to raise the necessary funds so that we are able to continue to help all of those people who come to the legion in their hour of need.

The Legion in Lancashire needs help your help with this year’s Poppy Appeal.

Last year the appeal raised over £38m a tremendous total; can you help us beat this?

There are many ways in which you could help; will you be our hero and give one hour of your time or more,to this very worthy cause?

There are many ways in which you could help, go on give it a go you will enjoy it.

Please get in touch on 01772-745839 or e-mail and thank you in anticipation

Michael F. Turner

Lancashire Poppy Appeal Coordinator