Relief site to be developed

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THE building referred to in the article published in the WEP on the 8/3/14 and known locally as the Woodford street building as the article points out has been derelict for some years, it has also presented problem for local residents.

In the time since the building lay empty I referred issues relating to the building and its structural safety to the estates survey team, who monitored the site when it was in the ownership of the council.

Prior to the building being offered for sale my ward colleagues and I were contacted, as is normal in such circumstances, this was to seek our views on the sale of the building.

To be honest it was a relief to see that something would at last be done with the site. My only qualification was that the site should be used for domestic dwellings and not for a commercial use.

I felt that local residents would prefer the site to go for a suitable housing development subject to planning permission being granted.

I would say that I support the overall concept that the site is used to provide new housing which is suitable for the site and takes into account local residents’ views.

I understand from the article an application has been submitted for consideration by planning officers, I make no comment regarding that application. I do, however, support the general principal of sustainable development which is well designed and meets the relevant policies pertaining to new housing developments. As you may know as well as being a ward councillor for the Pemberton ward I am also the Chairman of the Planning Committee, but that should not prevent me from speaking on issues that concern my constituents which is something I will always endeavour to do.

Coun Paul Prescott

Pemberton ward