Remploy decision is a total disgrace

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WHILE it may not be popular in this current climate, I am in complete agreement with the striking Remploy workers interviewed in your paper.

The decision to close the Remploy factories, employing vulnerable people and giving them a sense of self-worth, is absolutely disgusting and those in Government who proposed it should be ashamed of themselves.

To hear pampered ministers going on about how disabled people should join mainstream employment, have they no idea how many able-bodied people cannot find jobs? With millions of people out of work, having even more people joining the queue of job seekers is a recipe for long-term unemployment and misery.

They are also quite correct to be suspicious of the negotiations behind the closure of the factories, as it is quite clear that the Conservatives’ objections to it is pure ideology rather than any proper evidence that the system does not work.

Remploy allows people who would really struggle in society the chance to earn a living and do something. More power to the workers’ elbows, I say.

Name and address supplied.

Church lost battle on gay marriage

Regrettably, the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church has totally wrecked any winnable campaign against same-sex marriage. The hypocrisy of their hierarchy’s lengthy inaction against the predations of paedophile priests means that any Catholic pronouncement on sexual ethics is now fatally tainted, whatever its content.

Instead of calling for a referendum, Cardinal O’Brien must reluctantly accept (as have I) that the forces of decency have lost and that the majority now support same-sex marriage. When gay groups retaliate by calling for a referendum on segregated schooling for his adherents, he may soon come to regret his inept meddling.

John Eoin Douglas, via e-mail

Get the experts on to the pay roll

Is there anyone else that wonders why when we pay some public employees massive salaries, that every time they face a big problem they call in even more expensive consultants?

Why don’t we just employ someone capable of doing the job in full at the outset and save a shedload of money? Savings without cuts! A no brainer really.

Jeff McCann, address supplied

PM’s promises make me laugh

PRIME Minister David Cameron never fails to amuse me with his play acting over our membership of the European Union, teasing the electorate by dangling vague suggestions of holding a referendum .

Considering we buy more goods from other member states I don’t believe that the EU would stop trading with us.

It would allow us to negotiate world trade agreements without interference from Brussels, reduce red tape and create jobs.

Philip Griffiths, North West Chairman UK Independence Party