Responses not good enough

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I AM responding to your front page article “Town’s Terror At New Thugs Spree” on November 7.

After reports of gangs of up to 100 youths congregating in Ashton Town Centre frightening passers by having fireworks thrown at them and residents properties near Jubilee Park being targeted again the responses from Greater Manchester Police and the local councillors are utterly appalling.

Your editorial correctly advises residents to report incidents to the police and I can confirm this is exactly what residents have been doing and the response from the police – totally inadequate with local residents now openly questioning their competence.

Contrary to the response by GMP these gangs are not dispersing.

Residents are reporting to me the police when they do attend and this is the exception just move the gangs on only for them to return a few minutes later.

It was colleagues of Coun Gary Wilkes from the Wigan Independent Network that supported the lifting of the Section 30 Dispersal Orders by GMP.

Ashton ward Labour Coun Nigel Ash says he is happy to meet with residents if they have concerns about anti-social behaviour in Ashton Town Centre.

What about the suffering of residents who live adjacent to Jubilee Park ?

The report is clear of the problems in Ashton Town Centre so what is Nigel Ash doing about it ?

Local residents have identified the children as being local to Ashton with their school being identified.

I am urging all schools in Ashton and all responsible parents to educate their children of the consequences of engaging in this type of conduct and to ensure they know what their children are doing.

Michael Moulding

Warrington Rd, Ashton