Review scheme for teachers

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I REFER to the payment of facilities time money to teachers (and perhaps others).

I have no objection to the proper use of this fund ie­ to enable a serving teacher who is a volunteer for a union to be released from teaching to support a teacher member who needs support in a meeting (although I think most meetings should be held after school when no teaching time is lost).

However, the current situation is that some people are choosing to work entirely for the union but be paid a salary through Facilities Time and the powers that be are aware of this.

Examples in the NUT are: a ‘supply’ teacher who is registered with an agency but never works for them. It is merely a way to receive funds.

A teacher who is not a secretary but is described as one. Retired teachers. Unemployed teachers. I can suggest a foolproof system to prevent this.

Only allow schools who have booked and paid for a substitute teacher to replace a permanent teacher to claim facilities time funds.

A very disgruntled rate payer