Rose-coloured glasses

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Has Dave Whelan completely lost his senses, he certainly isn’t in full control of them. He still thinks Robert Martinez is doing a good job?

They are both doing a good job of undoing a lot of hard work that has been done since we came up into the Premiership. How can he say that the manager is doing a good job when he leaves the three best players on the bench, when we have won only one match at home all season, when we are rooted at the foot of the table and when the team are booed off at half time?

We are losing supporters every week, the team have gone backwards over the last three seasons and seven or eight of the current first team wouldn’t get into a decent championship team.

The time for change was at the end of last season, that was the time to move on, new manager, new players but here we are again in the same old position.

For goodness sake, Dave Whelan needs to wake up and do the right thing before we disappear without trace down the divisions.

Steven Dobson,

Long-time Latics supporter.