Sea cadets a good choice

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I WAS impressed to see that Sainsbury’s have chosen the Sea Cadets to be their new charity partner and I hope that both benefit from this.

I used to live near the Sea Cadets base and saw these youngsters walking to and from it looking very smart and very proud in uniform.

Irrespective of whether or not these young people go on to join the Royal Navy, their participation in the Cadets can only stand them in good stead and prove to prospective employers how responsible they can be.

So thank you to all officers who give up time to work with and train the Cadets and thanks also to the young people for the good they do for themselves and the community.

J Knox,


Improve lives of animals

It’s the end of the summer holidays and parents are gearing up for the daily routine of getting their children to school on time, in uniform, carrying their reading book and the all-important packed lunch. Thanks to Jamie Oliver there’s now more awareness about the healthiness of school meals but I urge parents to please also spare a thought for the farm animals that produce our food.

I asked my mummy friends whether they consider animal welfare when shopping for their kids’ sandwich fillers. Most said “yes” but the belief that higher welfare food costs more put them off looking for it.

So I popped along to my local supermarket to find out how the RSPCA’s Freedom Food-labelled products compared on price.

First I found Freedom Food dry cured breaded lean ham on offer for £2 a pack. A standard pack of ham was the same price: £2. Great news! Then, a box of six Freedom Food barn eggs for £1; fantastic value, along with peace of mind that the eggs come from happy hens.

Freedom Food salmon; another ideal ‘leftovers’ sandwich ingredient and alternative to tuna was less than £5 for 400g - £11.97 per kg. The only other non-Freedom Food logoed farmed salmon I could find was, in fact, more expensive at £15.17 per kg.

So whilst higher welfare food can sometimes cost more, it doesn’t always. Even if you can’t afford to buy higher welfare such as Freedom Food for your kids’ packed lunches all the time, why not buy them when they’re on special offer?

Every higher welfare product sold helps improve the lives of farm animals.

Helen Coen


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It’s great to see Wigan Athletic put on the football map and have some weird and wonderful places to visit in the Europa League. Hopefully fans from all sides can get on and make this a memorable season for all concerned and even friendships forged all over Europe.

What a year it has been for the town with success in both football and rugby league. Long may it continue

Name and address supplied.

Disgusted by vandalism

I was absolutely disgusted to read about the vandalism at Haigh Hall.

It is only two minutes since its rather tired-looking crazy golf course was given a wonderful and long overdue make-over.

Now some mindless moron has come along and half-wrecked it, also uprooting and stealing a lot of plants (Wigan Evening Post, Saturday).

I have always struggling to understand the mentality of people who revel in creating misery for innocent others and undoing the good works of the authorities and volunteers.

LH Burton