Shame of canal litterbugs

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MANY of us enjoy a gentle stroll down one of Wigan’s many canal towpaths.

We are lucky to have some spectacular walks from the town centre right to the outskirts of Wigan along the waterways.

And, particularly during the summer, they can be a stunning way to spend a few hours.

And yet there are still some people who are determined to spoil these picturesque routes.

In the section of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal which runs from near the DW Stadium to Crooke Village, the water and the banks are full of litter.

Plastic bottles, old tin cans and the like wash against the banking.

And these aren’t just unsightly, they can also cause major problems for the many canal boats which traverse the waters, especially in the summer.

British Waterways, Wigan Council and a host of volunteers do their best to keep it looking good.

But as long as there are selfish people who are prepared to just throw their rubbish on the ground, they may be fighting a losing battle.