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I am writing to express our sincere thanks to the Wigan Evening Post, for drawing to the attention of your readers the forthcoming abolition of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) from 2013 by the ConDem government, as highlighted in your paper on September 7.

Many thousands of people living with disabilities in Wigan will have to undergo another stressful medical test with the controversial company ATOS to administer the new “Personal Independence Payments”, in a new system which many believe is designed to cut welfare to people with disabilities attacking the most vulnerable in our society.

The Community Action Party has a long proud record of fighting for the rights of people with disabilities whether on a local or national stage.

On September 5, 2007 as highlighted again by the Wigan Evening Post, the Leader of the Community Action Party Peter Franzen called for the workers at REMPLOY to stage direct action at the then proposed closure of the Remploy factory in Wigan in order for Wiganers to protect their

We urge everyone who oppose the ConDem cuts to DLA and sign our petition at HM Government website link

Michael Moulding,

Deputy Leader, Community Action Party, Wyndham Avenue,

Clifton, M27 6PY

Higham legacy: What happened?

So Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust are putting on a Prom night in the Park and charging £7.50 per adult and £6.50 per child.

Didn’t Mr William Higham leave money to the people of Wigan so they could once again enjoy listening to bands in Mesnes Park, this legacy to be administered by WLCT. So why is WLCT charging for this Prom night? Shouldn’t it be covered by the legacy of Mr Higham?

Name and address supplied.

Promises, promises

I read with interest that so-called right-wing Tories have set up a campaign group intended to promote the election of Tories on a pro-business, anti-European platform. Those behind the group are senior members and former ministers who during their time in office (and in opposition) have had plenty of time to change the shape of their party, but strangely remained silent on the subject of the EU, which costs business £billions each year.

But we’ve all heard this before: free market economy, social mobility, smaller state, firmer immigration and penal policies and of course “ fair and transparent” relationship with the EU.

Their government since elected has taken little interest in business and continues to bend over backwards to follow EU directives and regulations.

They continue to ignore the electorate on holding their promised referendum on our EU membership and if elected they will continue to do the same.

The Conservative party, just like Labour and the Lib Dems, simply cannot be trusted.

Philip Griffiths

Chairman UKIP North West