Some are so lonely

I READ the Post’s story about that poor still-unidentified man found hanging in the woods in Ince with profound sadness.

Grieving over the passing of loved ones is an essential part of the human condition.

I find it astonishing in these days of computer databases and Big Brother that a man is able to end his life in such an upsetting fashion and yet we don’t know a single thing about him. Not even his name.

We don’t know where he lived, who he lived with, his age or whether he has any dependents.

And of course we will never know why things were so bad that he had to take his own life in this brutal and lonely fashion.

Sadly, his own loved ones will also never know what became of him.

And his successors, if indeed there are any, will never know the focal point of a grave or permanent memorial to remember him by.

Food for thought about how lonely some people’s lives most clearly are.