'Spend UK’s foreign aid money on our roads'

Do you agree with our correspondent about the M6?
Do you agree with our correspondent about the M6?

Over the last weekend, I made a 450-mile return journey to Buckinghamshire and I was appalled at the conditions that greeted me on the M6.

This motorway is a nightmare at the best of times, with speed restrictions of between 30mph and 60mph over long distances, whilst lanes are extended and a ‘smart motorway’ created.

I also encountered potholes in the nearside slow lane,

Upon returning on Sunday, despite all the restrictions still in force with cameras at the ready, waiting to pounce, I did not see a single workman, with every maintenance vehicle lying idle.

I am not surprised that display signs indicate work will not be completed until March 2022.

I am told that no work occurs on Sundays due to budget reasons.

When you consider, as a nation, our Foreign Aid spending of £14.1bn (0.7 per cent of national income) is considered unsustainable by some economists and much is syphoned off by corrupt regimes, I firmly believe in the concept that charity begins at home.

We should be reducing this financial burden on the public purse and concentrating upon our own issues as, from my experience, our roads are slowly resembling those of the third world states we are supporting.

Jim Oldcorn

Great Harwood