Students pay too much

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STARTING the second year of a university law course, a student I know reckons she will owe the Government of the day more than £50,000 if her studies are satisfactorily completed.

The politicians, who have inflicted this “penalty” on thousands of English youngsters, enjoyed free university places – after many of them had received expensive educations at private, often “public” schools.

“Man of the people” Tony Blair opened the gates for charges with the introduction of a £3,000 annual fee. He was loyally assisted by Gordon Brown and the argument for the case was led by “socialist” Hilary Benn. Gleefully, Tories David Cameron and George Osborne upped the fees to £9,000 when they took over the country. Lickspittle Nick Clegg broke a solid promise not to increase charges. Germany does not demand its university students pay fees, nor does Scotland. English youngsters pay the highest fees in Europe.

An incoming government must address this cruel penalty and abolish the fees retrospectively. English youngsters should not be treated differently from their Scottish kinsmen.

Harry Watson