Tackle the greedy to help the needy

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Blimey, a couple with two children now need to earn £36,800 a year to have a “socially acceptable” standard of living, an anti-poverty charity says.

The charity said its annual minimum income study suggests families must earn one third more than in 200, to live within social norms.

Rising childcare and transport costs, combined with cuts to benefits, have hit families hard, it added.

The government said it was committed to helping the UK’s “most vulnerable”.

Is there any chance Mr Iain Duncan Smith and his cronies could be slightly more specific on who they mean is the most vulnerable?

After all don’t they keep on saying: “oh, let me be absolutely clear”?

Methinks their meaning of the most vulnerable are actually “themselves” and those people who dwell in their “Ivory Towers” - the bankers! I mean just how many pigs can one get in a trough, especially in Westminster!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Shocked to hear of airman Adam

Myself and my family were deeply saddened to hear about the three RAF airmen who died tragically last week during a training exercise.

To see the picture of Flight Lieutenant Adam Sanders on the front page of the Evening Post really brought home just how young some of the men in the armed forces putting their lives on the line to defend and fight for our country really are. And as he was aged 27, there are of course many more who are even younger than Flight Lieutenant Sanders.

The amount of pressure these young guys are under is immense and their contributions must not be overlooked.

Unfortunately, training exercises are the only way to train up these incredibly skilled young pilots.

I hope the families of the three are incredibly proud, as should the rest of us.

Name and address supplied

Cameron, give us EU referendum

ONce again ‘Posh’ Dave Cameron gets the public feeling regarding the EU utterly and totally wrong.

He suggests that the vast majority of British people do not want to leave the EU.

Give us a referendum on in or out and he will soon find out that he’s got it 100 per cent wrong yet again. He and his cronies wouldn’t understand the real feelings of the British electorate.

Terry Palmer, address supplied

Pippa’s right royal day out

I DIDN’T realise that Pippa and James Middleton were members of the royal family. During Wimbledon, the Middletons made the royal box their second home.

Catherine is a member of the monarchy, not them. I hope the taxpayer is not footing the bill for the Middletons’ days out.

Lady Jane, via website