Taking rights of prisoners too far

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PRISON is supposed to be a punishment - though we all know already that many such institutions are more like holiday camps.

And now the Howard League for Penal Reform has launched a two year study on sex in British prisons.

Plainly it is wrong that prisoners are sexually abused while behind bars but I do not believe for a moment that allowing inmates conjugal rights is the way to go.

I’m sorry, but prisoners forfeit their ‘human rights’ when they offend society and I think that this study is a waste of time and money and the possibility of permitting conjugal rights is just a disgrace.

I appreciate prisons have a rehabilitation role but there is far too much lily-livered liberal thinking dominating the agenda.

The public, quite rightly, want prisoners to be punished for their crimes - not rewarded with TVs, computers and gyms - and certainly not romantic liaisons with their partner

For heaven’s sake let’s get real. Prison is supposed to be a deterrent not the comfy home some have never known. It’s supposed to be tougher inside than out.

Paul Nuttall MEP, Lancaster

Sending landlord off to Coventry

Blimey, talk about corporal punishment. Soldiers who were pallbearers at a corporal’s funeral say they were “absolutely disgusted” at being turned away from a Coventry pub on Monday.

I’ve heard of being sent to Coventry but this is a bit extreme, isn’t it? Cpl David Allison, of The Royal Welsh, said the men had wanted tea or coffee to “calm our nerves” during rehearsals for Cpl Michael Thacker’s funeral.

Thousands of people have backed a Facebook campaign calling for Browns Independent Bar to be boycotted.

The bar, which has a policy of not serving people in uniform, apologised. I could just imagine if the Queen had reacted in the same way when she shook the hand of former IRA chief Martin McGuinness?

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Rights of all need to be respected

With reference to the rather scathing letter of R Carter (letters June 30) he or she seems quite an unpleasant person.

I would object to an abortion because firstly it is not the unborn baby’s fault. Secondly, abortion is murder. Thirdly, the girl would have more trauma if she had an abortion and fourthly it should not be the case of choosing which life should be saved, try and save them both. The Ten Commandments state “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

Name and address supplied

Poverty does not mean ‘buy cigs’

Here we go again with talk of poverty (Wigan Evening Post, June 29). Poverty means you are broke and can’t afford basics through no fault of your own. This does not happen in Britain. Being broke because all your money has been spent on fags, booze, TVs bought on tick and a regular visit to the bookies does not count.

Mistress Ploppy from the wigantoday website