Taxpayers should be told of salary savings

WITH reference to your article on Monday, January 9, regarding the early retirement of the chief executive, who is on a very large salary from Wigan council but still has time to hold another position of which we are told she does not receive any monies.

As someone who works full-time in the private sector and won’t receive any state pension until 66, it would be nice to retire at 56 with a large pension, and I presume some monetary package as well. It seems that she thinks she is doing us a favour. My question is what package and pension will she receive, surely as taxpayers we are entitled to know?

Also in the article you state that her position will be filled by another person, so what monies are we saving?

Name and address supplied

What about an EU referendum?

The United Kingdom has for more than three hundred years, as a union, been very successful and influential on the world stage in both trade and commerce, to the benefit of its peoples.

Now the politically charged Alex Salmond and his SNP, for their own agenda, want to see its demise.

So, well done for David Cameron’s enthusiastic support for referendum which will decide Scotland’s future, either as an independent nation or remaining as a member of the UK.

His aim is rightly to seek an early vote on the issue before the SNP propaganda machine indoctrinates the majority of the voters who want to remain in the UK with misinformation as to why they should vote otherwise.

However, despite his newly found enthusiasm for holding a vote on such important issues as Scotland, he, along with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, doesn’t believe allowing such a test for the rest of the UK.

The referendum that we should be having is on the UK’s membership of the European Union and our own independence.

Philip Griffiths,

North West Chairman UKIP,

Riverway House,

Morecambe Road, Lancaster

Domestic violence: Men suffer too

With regard to domestic abuse, in all the stories I read, women are the victims.

A few years ago I met a single mother of two by different partners who started abusing me six months into our relationship.

She even poured boiling water over my legs and put out her cigarettes on me.

Once I woke up and she had a knife to my throat.

The verbal abuse happened daily, but the worst was when I had testicle cancer.

Through the relationship, she stole over £22,000 from my bank account and when I tried to get it back, she went to the police saying I was harassing her. Justice?

The police think men cannot be victims and it’s very hard for a man to ask for help.

Luckily I found help and someone to talk to and now I’ve found a wonderful woman and I’m slowly starting to trust people again and rebuild my life.

Martin Beck, address supplied