Thank goodness for PayByPhone U-turn

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THANK goodness the council has seen sense and performed a U-turn on this PayByPhone parking.

I have seen several people having problems with it and I also know that it has put off a lot of people from parking on the trial streets.

You only need to have heard what the local traders have been saying about losing business because of the scheme for you to realise that it is not being universally embraced.

I accept that technology strides on but you also have to accept that not every member of the great British public can afford or is interested in keeping up with the high-tech Joneses.

To re-instate the old meters alongside the new ones seems eminently sensible.

G Matthews


Bus wouldn’t stop terror alert

Yeah, bit of smoke coming out of a bag leads to a motorway being closed, storm troopers deployed and children being held in temporary holding pens.

All sounds perfectly proportionate to me. The person couldn’t have checked with the bag owner or a had wee peek inside, no? In my day the driver would have shouted for the owner and if nobody claimed it, the bag would have been dumped. It seems the authorities can’t wait to get their guns out, appoint gold commanders and start frisking people.

andyglasgow, via website

Smoke ban not healthy for all

Has the ban on public smoking made us healthier?

I would say a definite NO.

The countrywide exclusion of a quarter of the population from socialising with their friends, families or neighbours is not the way forward to produce any kind of well being.

How about the health of many of the pub landlords and their families. Stress has become the norm.

Then there is the economic damage, not just with the pubs and clubs, but also the tourism sector.

shelad, via website

Having a wedding breakfast

Couples will be able to marry at any time of the day or night in England and Wales from October, officials have said. Marriages and civil partnerships can currently only be registered between 8am and 6pm.

Register General Sarah Rapson said the change in hours would “allow people to make the day unique to them”.

Local authorities and religious groups will not be forced to conduct marriages outside the traditional hours.

Will the same apply to a ‘quickie and timely divorce’?!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool