Thank you to good Samaritans

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I WOULD like to thank Vicky and her mother, who rendered first aid to my wife and daughter, after my wife had a bad fall in Standishgate (outside Cafe Nero) last Tuesday.

Due to the injuries my wife received, this caused my daughter to faint over, Vicky and her Mother tended to both my wife and daughter until the ambulance arrived.

I would also wish to thank other members of the public who gathered round to offer any help required. I am informed that the Paramedic did a marvellous job especially with my daughter, who due to fainting, suffered the effect of low blood pressure which caused some concern .

And finally, a special thanks to the staff at Wigan Infirmary A & E for their treatment and expertise. I am pleased to say that both the wife and the daughter are making progress with accident,

Derek Makin,

Arundel Street,