'The clowns are in charge but the joke isn’t funny anymore'

A correspondent criticises politicians such as Boris Johnson
A correspondent criticises politicians such as Boris Johnson

I have read in various places that humans are “the most intelligent species”.

Hmm. They seem as intelligent as the clichéd image of lemmings, following each other off a cliff.

People vote for an American President who has no experience but does have the social and diplomatic skills of a toddler.

Climate change is but one environmental disaster waiting to happen and yet we have a denier in charge of the most powerful country in the world.

But it’s not just Americans who are ‘lemmings’. People here have voted for unfunny clowns such as Boris Johnson and ‘Lord Snooty’ Jacob Rees-Mogg. Who on earth voted these two in? They’re obviously only out for themselves.

Our Government and councils allow building of more and more houses on precious green belt, not caring about the cost to wildlife habitat, or to people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Yet empty houses are ignored and left to rot (at what cost to the local community?)

Our Government wants to build an incredibly expensive HS2 – what about funding and nationalising the below-adequate system we already have? HS2 will result in homes being bulldozed but our Government couldn’t care less about those affected.

The Tories bleat on about “needing austerity measures”, only for the poor it seems, not for pricey vanity projects They target the poor, disabled and ill but don’t chase the rich tax evaders.

My favourite ‘joke’ is Brexit. A referendum was held with no Plan B in place. Who decides something as momentous as that with no plans in place? ‘Cowardly’ David Cameron ran away when it didn’t go the way he expected, leaving the mess to someone else.

And now we have the situation where we are effectively still in the EU but now with no say. Is this a farce I’m watching? Unfortunately it’s reality and not funny at all.


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