Think ‘green energy’ just a big con

I HAVE been reading the letter in the Post (July 30) from Bob Dennett. What a load of misconstrued waffle it is! However these ‘environmentalists’ look at the problem of climate change, they have no realistic solutions.

All they can say is ‘stop producing fossil fuel. If we don’t use fossil fuel, our economy as we know it will grind to a halt.

All planes will be grounded, all transport will cease, shops will have no supplies for customers, the heating and electricity will be turned off and the world of commerce will stop.

Unless someone can come up with an alternate means of power we have to use fossil fuel.

It’s no good going on about wind power and wave power as if they were the Holy Grail. They can’t give us anywhere near the capacity that we require for our needs.

As long as there is oil being pumped up from the ground, it will be used for fuel and this goes for coal and gas as well.

A lot of rubbish has been spouted about climate change by vested interests in so called “green energy”.

Personally, I think that the whole thing is a big con. There is no concrete evidence to show that the earth is changing.

He talks about banks and pension funds investing in coal and oil etc. Where does he think that the money comes from to pay pensions?

If they invested in this so called ‘green energy’ the pension’s profits would definitely go down, and so would the pensions.

As long as the large continents such as China, India, USA and Australia are burning coal what difference will a few wind farms make to the atmosphere?

One of the most stupid things that I have seen is for Drax power station to import wood scraps to burn instead of coal, supposedly to reduce the CO2 content.

The largest producer of CO2 on the planet is the human race as it respires.

Shall we see a drastic drop in the world’s population to counter this? I think not!

Fred Foster

Bold Street


Fish feel pain and really do suffer

We often hear that fish ‘stocks’ are running out and that fish is becoming increasingly contaminated with pollution, thus posing a risk to human health, but little is ever said of the suffering of the fish themselves.

Scientists now agree that, just like other animals, fish feel pain and suffer.

The pressure change experienced as they are hauled out of the sea in vast nets, for example, can cause their internal organs to rupture and their eyes to pop out.

Fish are often left to die of slow suffocation on the decks of ships or even gutted alive.

August 3 is Viva! and Animal Aid’s National Day of Action for Fish and all over the country our supporters will be urging the public to show compassion to these oft-forgotten animals.

If any of your readers would like advice on giving up fish products, as well as delicious meat-free recipes, they can contact Animal Aid at or by calling 01732 364546.

Ben Martin

Animal Aid



Could not care less about event

The Royal baby is already the most boring story for months. Some people, like me, whilst not wishing them anything but good health, could not care less about this “event”.

And as for Cameron’s “the entire country is excited about this news”, it just goes to show how detached from ordinary people’s lives he is!

Leave them alone to bring up their son and let’s stick to real, relevant news in the papers and on TV.

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