Too severe on those deep in debt

I READ with some dismay about the 150,000 debt referrals made by Wigan Council last year.

Those people who are in arrears will have to fork out £75 if their case is passed to a bailiff.

If an enforcement agent is required to visit them in person they will be hit with another fee of £235 - and yet another payment of £110 if the agent has to confiscate their personal possessions!

How on earth can people who may be in debt due to lack of finance, possibly meet with these draconian demands?

I fully agree with Joanna Elson of the Money Advice Trust who stated that it is not economically or socially correct to bring in the bailiffs. Many of those in debt are “can’t pay as opposed to “won’t pay”.

We as a country are in a sorry mess directly as a consequence of this Government’s austerity measures, and it is these members of the Government that out to hang their heads in shame for the misery they have deliberately inflicted on otherwise decent folk.

In conclusion Wigan Council ought to pursue alternative means and never repossess or evict people who may simply not have the financial ability to meet with such severe demands.

E Green,

Cross Yard,