Tories close to destroying our union

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THE Conservative Party and David Cameron is the greatest risk to the United Kingdom.

The Scottish referendum saw a massive lead for the status quo disappearing to such an extent 45% of those who voted wanted independence putting our great 300-year union with Scotland at risk.

The debate is not over and the break-up of the UK is still a real possibility.

Therefore, the UK needs a government that will unite our country not divide it and risk permanent separation.

Never has the British identity been put at risk.

David Cameron and his Tory government has made many catastrophic mistakes which led to the near break-up of the UK and these risks still exist.

Hundreds of thousands in Scotland have made their voices heard against this Tory government and this swathe of feeling against the Tories exists throughout the land.

It is ironic the so-called “Unionist” party put our Union at risk and for millions in the rest of the UK being British is ones identity, culture and values which we cherish.

Any political organisation that has put the British identity at risk in such a catastrophic way should never be returned to power or be supported.

The Conservative Party cares about NOTHING other than their political skins and this has been demonstrated by their inept handling of the Scottish referendum and the lead up which, by the skin of their teeth, they avoided a national humiliation and a catastrophic political and constitutional crisis which we have not seen in our lifetime.

Michael Moulding