We don’t need to be loathed

WITH reference to the letter from R N Coupe, Wigan Evening Post, February 22, “motorists must make room”.

Well thanks a lot. As if we cyclists need another reason to be loathed, not only by car drivers either!

I’ve been targeted by other so called “cyclists” mainly the lycra clad louts who think they have a perfect right to barge you out of the way, but I’m not just a cyclist, I drive too, it’s my job!

I’m also sick of the twit on the bike who pootles along holding traffic up, yes, cars do hold cycles up – but it’s because of the wally on his/her bike who can’t ride uphill without wobbling all over the place or suddenly veers to avoid a grid or pothole.

Face it Rob, we all have our gripes but you need to grow up, or take your cycling proficiency test again - that’s if you ever did it in the first place!

My 11 year old grandson, has more sense than you and more patience. Perhaps a bit more tolerance from all road suers is what’s need, but with snippy knickers” like you who think they are right and everyone else is wrong. I’m afraid that’s a pipe dream.

You need to keep your Mr Angry attitude under control, you are a danger to yourself as well as others, as for saying people are idiots with “ape brains”, I have to say it takes one to know one! (By the way apes are quite intelligent).

Just realised your initials really suit you ... R N C Really Narky Cyclist!

Get a life!

Name and address supplied