We’re in touch with the people

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THE outbursts from our political establishment attacking certain election candidates shows how disconnected from the real world these pathetic politicians are.

While not condoning the comments that have been made, I can assure you that they are very meek by comparison to what most of us hear when talking to real people, where freedom of speech has not been smothered by political correctness, which these politicians love so much.

The truth is that the electorate are angry at the three old parties that continue to fail us, waste our money, open door immigration and years of false promises.

Had these parties governed in the interests of Britain and the British people instead of their own political interests, they would not be in the position they are in, which is why they are now running scared.

They are no longer believed or trusted, (and never will be again) which is why voters are turning to UKIP, the party that truly cares about our people and country.

Philip Griffiths

UKIP North West President