Well done to the Latics

WELL done Wigan Athletic, what an exciting win!

Those dedicated 30,000 fans who travelled to Wembley will remember this FA Cup final forever and those who had to support from a distance will always wish they could have been there.

The team played their socks off and deserved to win. Commiserations to Man City but on the day the better team won. And everyone knows it’s always special when the under-dog wins.

Paul Nuttall


Motorists are a danger

Reading the letter from Professional Pedestrian of Garstang (letters May 8) I thought it was some kind of fairy tale.

Motorists never going through red lights, always having a full set of lights, never going more than the required speed limit, and everyone fully taxed and insured.

Well wake up Gladys, as a cyclist for over 65 years and a driver since the age of 21, (1960) I have seen every kind of bad and careless driving on our roads and if you read the Evening Post every night there are reports of drivers taken to court for no insurance, no tax, no MOT, speeding, drunk, on the mobile phones, the list goes on, also when did it become legal to park your car fully on the footpath.

One of the growing problems is approaching traffic lights, cars overtaking on the wrong side, just to get to the front, while I agree there are cyclists or ‘people who ride bikes’ who are a menace, but unlike a motorist whose mistake or bad driving could kill people, they risk their own life.

I have been very fortunate over the years due to careful driving and riding.

I have had no serious accidents and find most motorists courteous but I worry for the future with drivers very young who may have never ridden a cycle and fuelled by the hot hatch type of driving do a lot of damage to themselves and others, but at 73-years-old I hope to carry on riding and driving for many more years.

Alan Williams

address supplied

Pension deal is a ‘con track’

The government’s new single-tier state pension is actually going to cost less than the existing system and is really trying to con people into thinking they are going to get a better deal, when the reality is you will have to work longer, pay more and get less when you eventually retire.

Millions of existing pensioners, particularly women will not see any improvement in their pensions and future generations of pensioners will find they actually get less than they would have done under the existing system.

This plan will create a two-tier state pension which, rather than addressing the current unfairness in the system, will simply prolong it and in some cases, make it worse.

It’s the sort of proposal that is the equivalent to something that fell off the back of a lorry .

Derek Barton

North West Regional Pensioners’ Association

Elderly have earned perks

I refer to the recent correspondence (letters May 9) under the heading ‘help the elderly not workless’ and must endorse the comments wholeheartedly. My wife and I fall into the same category and get more and more disheartened by the offers which we are not allowed. Some years ago after redundancy we were able to have our loft insulated and cavity wall insulation as I was ‘lucky enough’ to be on JobSeekers Allowance.

I’m sure the insulation needs upgrading but there is no chance of us affording it. In addition our double-glazing has been in more years than I care to remember and needs upgrading, but again - no chance! We are worried we might be classed by Iain Duncan Smith as some of the wealthy pensioners that should give back their ‘perks’. No chance!

R Chapman

address supplied