What a shame our Jenny wasn’t there

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Congratulations to Holly Bleasdale who did the town proud in London!

She didn’t get a medal but to be at an Olympic final is fantastic.

I have to feel sorry for Jenny Meadows after the only British woman to run the 800m failed miserably and went out with a whimper.

It’s a tough event and one which I’m not suggesting Jenny would definitely get top three but she would have made the final and pushed for it.

How sad she was overlooked on a technicality and not picked on ability.

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Recycling closure causes fly-tipping

The GM union are quite right when they highlight the reasons behind the growing problems with fly-tipping in Wigan.

It isn’t rocket science, is it?

What happens when the council closes recycling centres, such as Orell and Frog Lane, telling people to make a time-consuming detour up to ten miles to Frog Lane?

The answer, clearly, is that some of us with less conscience and concern for the environment find a quiet spot where nobody is around. And then within five minutes of being turned away from the locked gates of tips they have used for generations, they then dump the stuff in the nettles.

The council can bluster all they want about their commitment to recycling.

But physically putting up barriers to places where we can take the stuff in the first place makes them sound a bit hollow.

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Cold-callers not the cause

WHILE I applaud the efforts of the authorities to alert Wiganers to the dangers of being ripped off by scammers offering cash back from mis-sold payment protection insurance described in the Wigan Evening Post, I cannot help feeling they are missing the point.

It is surely right that people, especially the elderly, are warned about the perils of these kind of frauds.

However, I am sure I am not alone in wondering why I am being continuously bombarded with cold calls and texts about PPI, compensation for mythical accidents, stairlifts, loft insulation and every other item under the sun in the first place.

The real question is why the companies behind this continuous invasion of privacy are apparently allowed to buy and sell people’s phone numbers on the open market, and whether the powers that be are ever going to do anything about this.

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