Why don’t we have public art gallery?

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I READ with great interest the article in the Wigan Observer about the Egyptian artefacts that belong to the people of the Borough of Wigan.

How exciting it will be to eventually see them on display. The question that is raised is where have they been for 90 years? Have they ever been on view to the public, or have they been in store all this time?

I agree with Observer Comment that it is time that Wigan Borough was seen as a place for scholarship and culture, and that the Council become more aware of the treasure they hold in trust for the people. There are many original art works including paintings, prints, sculptures, textiles and ceramics removed and held by the Council since they closed the town’s only art gallery, the Drumcroon Art Centre. These are contemporary works, many by some of the leading artists of the 20th century, and are extremely valuable.

They were meant to be seen and used by all educational establishments in the Borough, and the public too. These are now stored away somewhere, just like the Egyptian artefacts before them. Will it be another 90 years before they too see the light of day and Wigan Council proves it has a commitment to provide a cultural focus in this Borough in keeping with the rest of the country. All our surrounding towns have public art galleries for the enjoyment and education of their residents and visitors. Why not us?

Susan O’Brien

(via email )