Why new inquest is needed

FRED Hodson’s letter about the Hillsborough tragedy (letters April 8) once again underlines exactly why the new inquest and IPCC investigation into the disaster are so necessary.

In seeking to shift the emphasis of the blame on to the design of the stadium Mr Hodson, who is a retired police officer, seeks to employ the very same tactic South Yorkshire Police used on the day of the disaster, West Midlands Police repeated investigating it and police have done for 25 years since, that is to deflect the blame from their own elsewhere.

Mr Hodson uses the phrase ‘vilified’ to describe criticism of the police’s role in this awful tragedy.

They are not half as vilified as the innocent people whose lives were taken on that terrible day and had their names besmirched in such a calculated and wicked way by those charged with protecting them.

Hillsborough survivor

name and address supplied