Wolf in sheep’s clothing

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I AM am not a member of any political party, nor do I subscribe to one, but I am alarmed at Ukip’s electoral success.

The reason for this is two fold, one being the fact that each representative seems to give a different account of the party’s policies.

What I do know is that this party is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for the working people of this country.

My reason for saying this is the fact that Ukip plan to auction off the whole of our NHS to private companies, thus it will be profit before care.

They plan to introduce a flat rate of tax which means raising taxes for the poorest while the rich – like Ukip backer and election supremo Paul Sykes would pay much less.

Not only do they want to make working people pay but want to scrap working people’s legal rights to the current level of

paid holiday, and at the same time feel that job security is a luxury to be paid for with lower wages.

Finally they are seeking to scrap the right to maternity leave for women working in smaller companies – a direct attack on women.

How do I know these things? It’s just a matter of listening to the Ukip representatives and getting past Nigel Farage’s rhetoric.

Helen Hallam

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