Wrong over racers’ noise

IN response to Our view March 25, “bike racers were there before the residents” who so ever wrote this should familiarise themselves with the area before making silly comments like “they must have been made aware of what went on at the “noisy-is-neighbours” before they made the decision to move in”.

With the exception of Nicol Mere estate all the houses surrounding the Three Sisters were built long before the race track was built.

Also the Race Track as it’s now known was originally built as a Go-Kart circuit with low powered reasonably quiet machines which no one complained about, then a few years ago things changed.

The circuit was enlarged to what it is today is bringing with it, “very noisy club racing machines”.

Some meetings run all weekend and every Bank Holiday and they are very noisy and very annoying.

If you are on the recreation area of Three Sisters you really cannot hear what people are saying, and if you live in the surrounding area you pray the wind is not in your direction, otherwise you’re in for a miserable weekend.

The only way to escape it if you’re lucky enough to have a car is go somewhere else for the day, even if you don’t feel like it. Most families in the surrounding area were here before the race track was built, I’m taking about, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Bryn, Mucklows on Bryn Road, Landgate, Stubshaw Cross, Hawkley Hall, all these areas can suffer when the very noisy club meeting are on. As for your comment “middle ground” make silencers compulsory on all these vehicles, this would be a start.

Vic Greenwood